Tanner Baze Fitness

Welcome to Tanner Baze Fitness, the headquarters for all things dealing with the same name.


TBF began in the Atlanta metro area, though most of the ground work, dirty work, and cutting of teeth was done near Austin, Texas. Or as I like to call it, Gods country. I started Personal Training full time in spring 2013 after spending 2 1/2 years pushing pills for GNC. That was a fantastic experience, and is what really led the transition to Personal Training.


That experience also gives me a unique perspective in working with my clients. I know just how much bullshit is peddled to you by the media, by the supplement companies, and by uninformed salesmen just trying to earn a buck. Because of that I can easily cut through all the noise and information overload and deliver my clients the goods.

A few of my favorite b.s. products/ideas I fell for and sold during my time there?

-We all need to do a “cleanse” or “detox”

-You’ve got to eat every 3 hours to “keep your metabolism high”

-Lighter weights “tone and shape” the muscles

Soooo yeah, I’d say I’ve bought and sold some snake oil in my day. I’m here to prevent you from doing the same.

Anywho, I’m sure you’d like to know about me. Since that happens to be my favorite topic, I’ll be glad to indulge you.

My name is Tanner Baze, and I am the f*cking man. 

Well, I am a man.

In fact, I really don’t feel like a man all the time. What is that even supposed to feel like? Are you allowed to feel? 

I guess I’ll put that in perspective for you. On the Man curve, with the low point being Benedict Arnold (the damn traitor) and the high point being The Rock (he is the man) I fall somewhere in the middle. This places me among such distinguished company has George Washington, Genghis Khan, and Elton John.

Well that escalated quickly. Back to me.

I am an Atlanta based Personal Trainer, or as I like to call it.. Fitness Professional.

Being in Atlanta I’ve had the unique opportunity to make my own, as well as others health and fitness my primary focus, all while living in the heart of the South. With the South, comes southern cooking. Cusine not usually known as conducive to your health, or your waistline.

This has led me to develop an approach to health and fitness that allows people to reach their goals, all while enjoying their chosen lifestyle. Because who wants to look like a badass, if they can’t show it off?

I don’t believe in bad foods, bad exercises, bad people, bad sex, or bad ideas. My approach is one that will help shed light on how you can enjoy everything, in the right way and right amounts. Take the things your good at, and make you better. Take the things you need to improve on, and improve, dammit!

I work with a variety clients in my day to day life. Ranging from:



-People with endurance race goals (think sprint triathlon, triathlon)

-The elderly who just want to move better

-Soccer Moms

-Those very same soccer husbands

-Those soccer players

I’ve worked with, and do work with a variety of different people. People looking to increase athletic performance for serious competition, people looking to get better at recreational sports, and people looking to get reintroduced into the gym.

I’ve also worked with a ton of people who just want to look better naked. Which I’m all for, because I love being naked. Seriously, clothes are soooo cumbersome. At Tanner Baze Fitness, clothing will always be optional.

I am a self admitted nerd of the highest order. I love (read: obsess over) Harry Potter. I will talk Star Wars with complete strangers. I think J.R.R. Tolkien had one crazy ass imagination. I read books, all sorts of books, all day everyday. I LOVE history. I know, you don’t have to tell me that last one is weird.

I wasn’t a natural athlete growing up. In fact I was chubby until puberty was really kind to me at the age of 13. That doesn’t change the fact that I love sports. All sports. I always have.

I played 5 different sports growing up. I never really excelled at any of them. But I loved off seasons, and figuring out my way around the weight room. Even though years later I’ve realized I did everything terribly wrong.

That didn’t change the fact that I would spend hours in there pondering on just how I could change my body to reflect the athletes that I looked up to. Later on in college while pushing pills at GNC I started learning more about how possible it was for anyone to look like a Greek God.

Being an avid reader, I started to do just that. I read everything. Everything I could get my hands on. Everything about training, nutrition, and supplementation. This led to quite a bit of trial and error. I had more mistakes than I did success.

That’s the thing when you read everything, you realize just how much information is out there in that great big world. You never really know what is right, wrong, just plain stupid, and absolutely asinine (I also love alliteration).

Despite all of those mistakes, and all that time spent with my nose buried in a book, I did make progress. Quite a bit of it actually. I went from hating taking my shirt off at the river, beach, or lake to loving it.

All of those mistakes I made, and am still making at times, have turned out to be the greatest thing ever. I found methods I otherwise never would’ve been exposed to. Those mistakes helped me develop plans for muscle gain, strength gains, and fat loss that have helped tons of people. Using these methods I’ve helped people reach goals in record time, avoid getting stuck in training pitfalls, and fall in love with their bodies again.

The methods are easy, but implementing them sure as hell isn’t.

Thankfully, I’ve had a great time doing this. I laugh, joke, celebrate clients accomplishments, tell stories, and sometimes make a client or two vomit. You could say I’m a Fitness Professional who likes to have a good time. Or maybe you could say I’m a guy who likes to have a good time, who happens to be a Fitness Professional.

Either way, hang out at TBF enough and you’re bound to pick on quite a bit of fitness and nutrition info. Stuff that can make you reach your goals quicker than ever. Whether that means stronger, more muscular, leaner, faster, or to just look better naked.

Or.. If you’re goal is to make that asshole who broke off your engagement 2 months before the wedding regret that decision until the day he dies when he sees the new pictures of you on Facebook. We can do that. 

Hypothetically speaking, of course. 

We’re going to have a hell of a time here and build an awesome family. I want you to become involved. Post comments and let me know what you think. I will warn you, you’ll need an open mind and a sense of humor.

If you don’t want to get involved and talk about new ways to make progress faster than ever, or get offended by the occasional off color comment.. this might not be your hangout. Not a problem, just don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Welcome to Tanner Baze Fitness. Remember, clothing optional.

Yours truly, a bit more.

I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. I love books. But you already knew that. I absolutely love music, all kinds of it. Even though I can’t play a single instrument. I love business, and the changing business climate the world is currently in. I love marketing and advertising. Being from Texas I do own a pair of cowboy boots, and you better believe I rock those.

I’m going to talk about fitness, nutrition, business, life, music, movies, books, sex, super heroes, and Harry Potter. This website is my baby. I will treat it as such. That also means, if you harm my baby, I will harm you.

I love donuts, ice cream, bacon, and chocolate. I used to hate mashed potatoes, now they are the greatest thing ever invented.

I have the coolest dog on the planet, the greatest parents in the world, a sister who is incredibly strange in the most awesome way, and a brother who will one day rule the world. I have the greatest set of family and friends a guy could ask for.