33 Things Nobody Tells You About Moving To New York City


I’ve spent just over a year in New York City up to this point. Moving here was a big deal for me. I’d lived in or around larger cities like Austin or Atlanta before, but when you’re a small town Texas kid that comes from a town of 400 people, moving to NYC is a pretty big deal. Many people who are far better at stringing words into sentences than I am have written about New York...

The 2017 Reading List


2017 was a mixed year of learning and consuming content for me. I put a more concentrated effort into consuming audio content than ever before since living in NYC lends itself to that. I still don’t know if I retain audio information as well as reading it (my hunch is I don’t) but it was fun to play with.

April/May Reading Romp


It’s been a little while since I last published a reading romp to update the world on the books that I’m reading for a few reasons. Primarily because I’m juggling a couple of projects right now, so there’s less time to write. Which is really just a prioritization problem on my end. Also, I’ve been consuming more information audibly as of late. That’s not to say...

March Reading Romp


The person responsible for the first three books on this months list is my friend Aadam Ali from He was in New York City for the better part of 2 and a half months, which meant that we got to hang out a ton and do what we normally do on the Internet. Which is primarily talk about books. Aadam had bought these three and I was determined to read them before he left and had to...

January/February Reading Romp


Much like the title says, this is the books that I’ve read in the months of January and February. In the interest of full disclosure, I admittedly forgot all about publishing my January reading list. I’d like to blame moving to New York City, being busy with work, and getting wrapped up in the whirlwind that is this great beast of a city. But really, I just forgot. Oh well...

Crossing The Threshold


*Brief little side note before you dig into this: This piece is going to reference a great deal of work from the mythologist Joseph Campbell, who is widely known for The Hero’s Journey. And while I can proudly say I’m a gigantic Campbell nerd, John Romaniello is a true Campbell expert who has written on the topic a million times over. It would be folly of me to try and explain the importance of...

November Reading Romp


November was a busy month. I left Atlanta, which meant moving halfway across the country. There was a Thanksgiving holiday, 5 days of which involved my dear friend Alicia staying with me. But nonetheless, I still got some solid reading done. Other months may have more books, but each book this past month was a strong choice, so the quality wasn’t lacking at all.
Check it out.

October Reading Romp


It wasn’t until I got started with putting this list together that I realized how much reading I actually got done in October. I had felt like I didn’t read a ton, mostly because I’ve slowly been working my way through a Joseph Campbell book and treating it a bit more like study than regular reading. But that being said, turns out there was a fair bit done this past month...

One Man’s Musings On Man Camp


What is a man? Not in the narrow gender definition. The more open to interpretation definition of a man. Someone who has masculinity and vigor flowing through their veins? What does that look like? Who do you think of when you think of that version of a man?

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