The Unpossible And New Years Resolution Hipsters


Over the course of the past 15 days or I’ve watched roughly 50 hours of television. That sentence alone makes me seem like a complete degenerate who doesn’t have his shit together, but you don’t understand. I got sucked into the pop culture phenomenon that is Game Of Thrones. Game Of Thrones is quite possibly the biggest hit in television at the moment. It’s a fantasy series full of dragons...

Self-Destructive Tendencies. Why We Actively Harm Ourselves, And The Strategies I’m Using To Fix It


I recently moved into a new place right in the heart of the Litte 5 Points/Candler Park neighborhoods in Atlanta. For those who don’t know, it’s a badass location. Little 5 Points is the bohemian center of Atlanta; full of artists, musicians, street murals, and other interesting characters. I wanted to move here because it reminded me of Austin, which remains my favorite city. My apartment is a...

August Reading Romp


Howdy, people. Hope August treated you well. September is always a fantastic time because football season is right around the corner. Which means that my Saturday and Sunday are spent watching grown men hurl themselves into each other for my pleasure, and I love every minute of it. I knocked out 5 books in August. All of them great reads in their own right. Check out my thoughts, and if...

July Reading Romp


For those of you curious, this was me last month.

But don’t you worry, baby. I’m back. My reading mojo has returned, and I killed it over the course of July. Thanks to a mix of some serious pleasure reading, a couple of shorter books, and some downtime due to travel.
Here’s the July Reading Romp, baby!

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