15 Things You Should Know About Nutrition


Nutrition is a notoriously sticky subject. For every single person out there who preaches the benefits of eating plenty of protein, there’s an army of vegans storming their gates, forks in hand, ready to tell them how protein is killing them. Try hard as we might to eat well, most people can’t figure out exactly what the hell “right” even means anymore. Here are 15 facts...

Does A Slow Metabolism Actually Exist?


“I’ve been doing everything. I just can’t drop the weight. I’m pretty sure I just have a slow metabolism” It’s inevitable. A minimum of 11 times a day in every commercial gym across the world, within it’s warm iron filled confines, someone will utter those words. Any trainer has seen it and heard it all too often. Some of us even believe it with our clients. In theory it’s a great idea. You’ve...

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