5 Keys To Fall Fat Loss

If fall isn’t your favorite season of the year, you can GTFO. Seriously.

Ok, maybe not serious. But I love fall. I love the all pumpkin errythang attitude we have seemed to adopt. I dig fall styles that we have like scarves, coats, and riding boots. Yeah, riding boots aren’t just for girls anymore.

Fall is also a time when many of us fall right back into old habits. See what I did there? I’m soooo punny.

All jokes aside, fall comes at a strange, yet welcome time in the year. Over summer we wear as little clothing as possible, drink beer and grill out almost daily. While we can’t wait for summer to get here, by the end we need a break. We need all pumpkin errythang.

With fall comes holidays, with holidays come food and being flooded with seasonal pumpkin beers, pumpkin pies, and of course pumpkin spice lattes. I love all of these things. I dare you to white girl harder than me.

It’s undoubtedly a time of the year in which we’ll eat more. For many of us that means our waistlines grow more. Which means come winter, we spend more time in our comfy jeans with the elastic waistband.

That doesn’t have to always be the case for you though. Here’s a few simple tips to keep that svelte look about yourself this fall.

 1. Move more everyday. It’s N.E.A.T.

Simple, right? In fact this whole list is simple. Because weight loss doesn’t have to be rocket science. Studies show that N.E.A.T. (non exercise activity thermogenesis) accounts for only a small portion of daily calories burned, maybe only 10%. But N.E.A.T. is a strong indicator of weight loss and preventing weight gain.

Keeping weight off can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Parking a few spots further away at the grocery store. Or even a 10 minute walk each day. Think a 10 minute walk each day isn’t effective? Plan that bad boy out for 6 months, and that’s over 1,800 minutes of extra exercise.

2. Eat more leafy green vegetables.

This should be fairly obvious to even the most clueless of dieters. Eating more leafy greens day in and day out is just plain good for you. You get that crunch that many of us crave, and usually try to satisfy with calorie bomb chips. They also have plenty of fiber which will help keep you satisfied and keep dem bowels clean.

Leafy greens are also incredibly low calorie, but pack a serious nutritional punch. Spinach alone is packed with things like vitamin A, iron, folate, and vitamin K, which it turns out many of us are deficient of. Your body works far better when you provide it the things it needs. So do it a favor and do that.

Pro tip: the darker your leafy greens are, the more micronutrients they’ll have. Meaning they’re far better for you.


3. Drink more water.

This one really shouldn’t have to be said, but I’m saying it anyways. We suck at staying hydrated. Like seriously suck.

It’s been estimated that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. I’ll spare you the stats about our bodies being composed of water and blah blah blah, because that clearly doesn’t do anyone any good, otherwise we’d have solved this dehydration thing.

However you should know that more often than not, those hunger cravings you’re having can be solved by a simple glass of water. This fall give that a try anytime you’re craving those pumpkin Oreo’s (Is that a thing yet? If not we should make it one).

4. Get quality sleep.

This key is the most important one to me personally. I struggle with getting enough sleep, and quality sleep at that. It doesn’t matter if I go to bed at 9pm, those 4:30am wake up calls come early.

If keeping weight off, or losing weight is your goal then sleep is something you can’t afford to overlook. It’s your body’s time to recover, to repair. Your brain has a chance to catch up, and you actually still burn quite a few calories while catching zzz’s.

Notice the use of the word quality here though. That’s the operative word. 6 hours of high quality sleep will do you much better than 8 hours of sleep that’s toss and turn.

Some tips? Keep the bedroom dark, don’t use your phone/tablet/computer in bed, and keep your bedroom dark and cool. Artificial lights screw with your pineal gland, and disrupt melatonin release. Basically tricking your body into thinking it’s still day time when you should be settling down for your slumber.

 5. Sweat for 30 minutes everyday.

No way was just walking going to be the only mention of exercise on this list. A 30 minute sweat session can do wonders for your weight loss efforts. Especially in holiday times when it’s natural to eat more.

Just any 30 minutes won’t do though. You want intense 30 minute workouts that cause your heart rate to become elevated, and stay elevated. I like circuit workouts consisting of 3-4 exercises back to back with no to little rest. This is demanding on your body, and brings about some crazy voodoo magic that makes your body burn more calories than normal for hours upon hours after you’re done.

No clue what to try? How about give this bad boy a whirl. It’s one of my favorites.

 A1. Pushups (10 reps)

A2. Squats (20 reps)

A3. Reverse crunches (15 reps)

A4. Lunges (30 total reps)

*Complete 5 rounds as fast as possible.

B1. Pull-ups or bodyweight rows (10 reps)

B2. Mountain climbers (30 total reps)

B3. Kettlebell swings (15 reps)

*5 rounds as fast as possible

Bam. You’ve got yourself a nice little sweat session that’ll leave you ready for carving the most badass pumpkin this world has ever seen.

In all seriousness, try these 5 little steps out every single day this fall. I’ve got a hunch that if you follow through, you’ll make it through the holiday season with everyone wondering what you’re little secret is.