Heartbreak Hotel – The Ultimate-Break Up Playlist


Music, unlike most other art forms, has a unique ability reach the masses in ways that writing, painting, drawing, insert-art-here cannot. Everyone listens to music. Everyone is moved by music. And as such, everyone has opinions on music.

That’s the best part about it. You don’t have to be an audiophile, to revel in the joy that music can provide.

There’s no feeling quite like when the perfect song hits at the perfect moment. It’s like a little nod from the universe, telling you that it sees you, and it’s here to give you the medicine that you need.

It’s part of the reason why music is so incredibly important to me. When I’m pissed off I can turn to music to hit me right in the heart with aggressive drums and guitar licks that seem to say, “We get it. You want to go kick someone’s door down. Should you decide to, here’s the perfect soundtrack for that.”

The same can be said when you’re working. Almost anyone who works in a creative field for a living is familiar with the flow state. But the magic of the flow state isn’t limited to creatives alone.

Athletes across the board are familiar with it. Blacksmiths, Doctors, Surgeons, Coaches, Teachers, Nurses, and a whole host of other professions are instinctively familiar with getting into the flow.

It also shouldn’t be a surprise that many of these people have soundtracks, artists, or certain songs that they constantly turn to when it’s time to get into the flow state.

Last, but certainly not least, comes heartbreak. We’ve all experienced the pain of heartbreak. There’s nothing quite like it the first time you’re forced to go through it.

The feeling of being punched in the gut while having your heart ripped out of your chest by the one you so happily gave it to. Countless songs and books have been written either out of inspiration of this pain, or to try and describe this pain.

Pain born of heartbreak is exactly what I wanted to explore the other day when I asked my Facebook friends for some of their favorite break-up jams. We’ve all had our heart broken. And we’ve all subsequently found music that functioned as the cast that we so desperately needed.

And that alone is the true beauty of music. No matter what you may be going through at any point in time, there’s an artist who attempted to capture that feeling in sound and record it for you.

Sometimes they do it so well that the music legitimately moves you to tears. Other times they have lyrics that shed light on the pain you’re grappling with. And yet other times, you can enjoy the solace in knowing that you’re not alone in wanting to set the entire fucking world on fire.

So in the spirit of artists capturing our feelings in ways that we previously thought impossible, I rounded up all of the suggestions from my friends, random people in the coffee shop, bar, and a couple of ex-lovers.

The playlist you see is a result of hundreds of different heartbreaks, each with their own story. Each song tells a chapter of that story and is magical in some special way to somebody.

So, without further ado, I give you Heartbreak Hotel.





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