May Reading Romp


May was a weird month. I started off by knocking out like 1 book within the first 2 1/2 – 3 weeks. Before I knew what the hell was going on, I felt super behind on my reading. Being a fantastic binge reader, I did what I do best, binge read. A lot.

It worked out well, because I managed to get 5 books in. I’m still behind on my pace for 60 books in a year, but oh well. It’s important that I managed to get 5 this month, and I can use the dog days of summer to catch up a bit.

Without further ado, the May Reading Romp:

The Truth About Carbs, Nate Miyaki.



I really dug this book. I’ve known about Nate Miyaki and his work for some time now, but I had never read any of his stuff. Nate has an easy breezy writing style, and does a great job and jumping between getting all scientific on your ass, and dropping jokes about looking good in board shorts.

No joke you might be checking an excerpt from a research journal, and next thing you know Nate is talking about chilling on the beach.

What I loved most about this was Nate’s real world approach to carbs, something that the fitness industry seems to bitch at each other about constantly. Nate’s take? Basically get most of your carbs from vegetables, if you’re sedentary then low carb is probably good, and if you’re really active you need more carbs.

Crazy. Pick up Nate’s book here on Amazon. You’ll be smarter because of it.

We Make Communities, Coach Stevo of Habitry.

I can’t remember where I first heard of Habitry. It’s been a few months, but I’ve kept a distant eye on what they do, without ever really knowing. This was my first real experience with anything of theirs, and it won’t be my last.

Coach Stevo wrote one hell of a book on Coaching, building communities for your clients, and really preaching to figuring out what the hell you want to do in your clients lives. Anyone who works with people in a sales, coaching, management role can stand to learn from this book. It’s definitely not for Personal Trainers or Fitness Professionals, though that is who Habitry primarily helps.

I loved that during the book there were multiple times in which Coach Stevo literally asked you to email him and let him know. It was really refreshing to read that from a Coach, and to see that he was truly insistent on doing that.

Come to think of it, I’ve got a few emails I need to be sending to Coach Stevo.

Pick up We Make Communities here.

The Truth About Weight Loss, Nate Miyaki.

Nate was the greatest dude alive, and clearly realized that I was in desparate need to get more reading in. I’m pretty sure that’s the entire reason he put htis book out in the month of May, for me.

In truth, the Truth About Weight Loss wasn’t entirely different than The Carbs book. It takes a much broader paint brush to the subject, and definitely explores more of the fact that overall calories are the most important factor when weight loss is the goal.

It’s a short quick read, and one that leaves you feeling smarter for reading it. What’s becoming apparent about Nate and his writing is that the dude just gets “it”. He doesn’t spend time entertaining annoying minutia that 99% of the fitness world debates about.

Nate offers real world solutions for real world problems. Snag The Truth About Weight Loss off of Amazon.

Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut.

I mentioned last month that I took my first trip into the world of Vonnegut, and that I thoroughly loved it.

Breakfast of Champions takes another trip into the world of Kilgore Trout, a broke sci-fi writer who gets published nowhere except for porno magazines. Trout gets invited to an arts festival in the midwest, at the urging of a delusional millionaire who thinks Trout should be President.

In his travels Trout meets all sorts of interesting characters, all the while at his destination town some seriously crazy shit is happening, which Trout arrives to find just in time. I would go more in detail, but that’s something you should read for yourself.

In classic Vonnegut style leaves you laughing your ass off all while realizing just how fucked up the world really can be.

Vonnegut is a master story teller who has a knack for cutting right through bullshit with his stories, and helping you see what is really going on. Even if the books he wrote were published years ago.

If you’ve never read a book by Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions may not be the best place to start. Keep that in mind. If you want to snag it off Amazon, here you go.

Do You Believe In Magic, Paul Offit.

This might be the best book I read all of May. Holy hell. As a Fitness Professional, this was one of those books you read and shout to the heavens, “THANK YOU FOR PUTTING PAUL OFFIT INTO THIS WORLD!”

Seriously, Offit takes a scathing look at the worlds of homeopathic, natural, and alternative medicine. All the while exhibiting why conventional medicine isn’t out to kill us, there isn’t a “big pharma” determined to destroy our health and get us hooked on pills, and explains why getting accupuncture is complete bullshit.

My favorite part about Offit is that he pulls no punches when going after people who peddle bullshit like Dr. Oz, Mercola, and others. He does a fantastic job at pointing out how much harm they have the potential cause, and why conventional medicines are superior alternatives thanks to their strong science rooting.

A few of my favorite points?

  • Dr. Oz inviting faith healers onto his show.
  • Mercola hating on “big pharma” and “big industry”, all while raking in millions on the products he sells.
  • Homeopathic, and it’s definition. Just so you know, homeopathic remedies are diluted so much that they literally don’t have a molecule of the active ingredient left. They’re based on the idea that the water “remembers” what was there.
  • Vaccines are necessary, and Jenny McCarthy needs to quit giving health advice before she’s responsible for someone killing their child.
  • All natural remedies use most of the same things. Apparently coffee enemas cure diabetes, cancer, and autism. Who knew.

I highly suggest if you read one book, read this one. Snag it on Amazon here.

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