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I am a man of man of many flaws, but I am unafraid to face those flaws head on. Dishonesty, ego, pride, bias, and bigotry are my enemies. Yet I recognize all of those live inside of me.

I am a warrior. I will not tolerate hatred and mistreatment of others just for being different. I stand for what I believe in, come to the aid of others, and will not allow those who live a life of hate, disrespect, and jealousy to have a place in mine.

I am kind, caring, and endlessly curious. I relish the process of learning, and will forever be a student. I was put on this Earth to give more than I get, and provide more than I take.

I am a creator. My pen is my sword that I always keep sharpened. My body is my vessel that I will always keep hardened and ready for whatever may come my way.

My aim is to endlessly practice empathy, love, and compassion with all of those I encounter in my life. I am a friend to many, and a foe to a few. I am decisive, quick to forgive, and slow to judge.



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Yo, I'm Tanner. I'm a Texan marooned on the Island of Manhattan, reader, history nerd, and rom com afficianado.
I like to talk about fitness, history, pop culture, and just about anything else under the sun. If you're here, hopefull you do as well.

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