Annie Nickum – the badass librarian

Annie just monkey'n around during Tough Mudder.

Annie just monkey’n around during Tough Mudder.

Annie’s training experience in her own words: 

I signed up with Tanner because I wanted to complete a Tough Mudder and he had experience with them. When I signed up, I was overweight, had only been working out for 3 months and completely avoiding cardio. I’m proud to say I’ve not only completed my Tough Mudder, I’ve lost 15 pounds and can now jog over 3 miles continuously. Tanner came up with creative workouts to get me ready for an event that has nothing to do with a gym and gave me total support the entire time. There’s no way I would have accomplished my goals without him.

Just for the record, Annie is being a bit too humble about what she can do. She dropped 15 pounds, hit new PR’s on all of her lifts, and the Tough Mudder course was close to 10 miles.