The Unpossible And New Years Resolution Hipsters


Over the course of the past 15 days or I’ve watched roughly 50 hours of television. That sentence alone makes me seem like a complete degenerate who doesn’t have his shit together, but you don’t understand.

I got sucked into the pop culture phenomenon that is Game Of Thrones. Game Of Thrones is quite possibly the biggest hit in television at the moment. It’s a fantasy series full of dragons, zombies, politics, and lots of beheadings. In short, all things that I love.

I’ve put off jumping on the GOT bandwagon for some time now, and for no good reason. I just never watched it, and figured I was too far-gone since I was 5 seasons behind. Out of sheer boredom I started it during an HBO marathon and I was hooked.

Holy moly was I hooked. If you haven’t done yourself the pleasure of getting sucked into the world of the Seven Kingdoms yet, you need to. Right now. Go watch all 5 seasons and then come back to this article. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

During my journey through Westeros I became particularly fond of one character. I couldn’t ever really bring myself to hating little Tyrion Lannister.

Tyrion Lannister is played by dwarf actor extraordinaire Peter Dinklage, and Dinklage does a masterful job. Tyrion comes from the most powerful family in Westeros, but he’s more or less hated by everyone he shares a name with.

The odds are completely stacked against him in every way. He’s blamed for being a dwarf, for killing his mother who died during his birth, and for killing the King. If there is blame to be thrown around, you can be sure Tyrion catches some of it.

The beautiful thing about Tyrion though is that he gives zero fucks about that. He’s been dealing with it his whole life. Without giving away the show to those who haven’t seen it, let’s just say Tyrion is kicking some Westerosi ass.

Tyrion is a perfect example of the unpossible.

There’s this fantastic song by Kaleidoscope Jukebox called Unpossible. They mention that our language lacks a word. We have the word impossible, but what about unpossible?

The impossible is that which by definition cannot be done. But that alone doesn’t cut it. We need to differentiate between that which cannot be done, and that which cannot be done, yet.

Tyrion is the perfect example of performing the unpossible. So are you this New Year.

The New Years Resolution Hipsters.

It’s become vogue amongst trainers, coaches, and lifestyle gurus to start hating on New Years Resolutions.

Trainers now bash the resolutioners who pack the gym. Somehow missing the irony in bashing the very people they depend on to pay their bills.

Many will even go as far as to talk shit about them, saying they shouldn’t even be there because they won’t be here in a month, so why use up all of our good equipment?

If they don’t go that route, they start talking about why January 1st is just an arbitrary date. It doesn’t mean a damn thing. If you want to change, you’ll start changing right away.

Or say people shouldn’t worry about making the types of drastic changes that most set out for on New Years day. Change should be small. It should be steady.

It’s true that the bigger the change the more likely we are to fail, but this shit makes me want to head out beyond The Wall and face an army of White Walkers by myself.

It’s an awfully cynical approach. And I used to agree with it.

I hated the New Years rush at the gym. I’d sign a bunch of people up for memberships or training sessions, knowing damn well they’d be M.I.A. in a month.

The unpossible.

January 1st isn’t an arbitrary date. You know that. I know that. So we shouldn’t treat it as such.

The New Year is an exciting time because it’s the proverbial clean slate. We get a chance to wash away our sins of the old year. To forget all the shitty shit we did this past year and put a new foot forward.

I’m not sure about you, but that thought gives me a major self-development boner.

Ramit Sethi, professional life badass, had an excellent thought exercise in a recent email about this.

“If I were designing my life today, how would I want to live it? For 10 minutes, forget about my job, my obligations, everything. If I could do anything, what would it be?”

Try that little exercise. It’s really fucking difficult for a couple of reasons:

  • You have to step out of your own mental cocoon of cognitive dissonance. You have to see your dreams, and you’re confronted with the fact that your actions likely aren’t leading to your dreams becoming a reality.
  • You see the unpossible.

The answer to that question isn’t the impossible, unless you’re hoping to become a dragon. The answer is the unpossible. That which you isn’t possible, yet.

That’s why I don’t hate on the New Years resolutioners anymore. I really don’t care the means to which people go to make something happen, so long as they change their life for the better.

Is crash dieting and dropping a ton of fat in a short time healthy? Not by a long shot. But if that person winds up looking awesome, and they keep it off, more power to them. They made the unpossible a reality.

Sure, many are going to try and fail. That’s a fact for somewhere between 95-98% of people out there. But what about that other 2-5% that didn’t fail? They made something they probably thought was once impossible, possible. They did the unpossible.

Is it really a bad thing for people to strive to make something better of themselves? God forbid that this time next year the world has more people in it who made the unpossible a reality.

My list of unpossible things in 2016:

I’ve got a little list of unpossible things I’ve thrown together. These are all things that aren’t possible, yet. They make my list of unpossible goals.

  • Deadlift 600lbs
  • Squat 500lbs
  • Run a 5 minute mile
  • Make $15,000 in a month
  • Publish a New York Times best seller
  • Travel to a new country
  • Complete financial freedom to travel, eat, and do what I want when I please

Will all of these happen in 2016? That’s doubtful. That’s the beauty of the unpossible. They’re not possible, yet. But if I work to make them possible, at some point good things will come as a result of that.

Tyrion Lannister has his own unpossible goals, whether he knows it or not. All of us do.

Here’s where things get fun.

I want you to tell me your unpossible goals.

  • Do you want to add 100lbs to your deadlift?
  • Get under 10% body fat?
  • Get your first article published?
  • Write a book?

More important than your unpossible goals, what if you could surround yourself with other people who had their own unpossible goals?

I’ve created a Facebook group for the unpossible. A place for all of us to get together, share our unpossible goals, and keep each other accountable to them. Drop your email below, and I’ll shoot you the link the unpossible group.

Here’s to 2016 and making the unpossible a reality.


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