A beautiful weekend part 2

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A beautiful weekend part 2

After the bathtub we dried off and wrapping towels around ourselves checked on our dinner. I was very thirsty and poured a glass of wine. As Bev was checking the roast I walked up behind her and caressed her ass. "Mmmm" she moaned as I reached under her towel to find her firm ass and moist slit. She spread her legs slightly and I had full access. I took one more sip of the wine and peeled the towel from her body.

She closed the oven door, leaned over and grabbed the counter. I reached around and squeezed her nipples and breasts. My cock was now at full attention and she reached between her legs and grabbed it pulling me closer to her. I took the hint and placed its head at the opening of her now drenched opening. She let go of me and braced herself against the counter. I held on to her hips and began to push my way in. Oh she felt so good. 

I began a slow piston like motion moving my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in and out of her. With each stroke she was letting out a grunt of pleasure pushing her ass against me with each entry. I was holding on to her hips and could not help but feel the suppleness of her smooth skin in my hands. The feel of her tight opening as every inch of my rod slid into her was breathtaking. 

"Ok sweetiepie, faster now.../fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder. Im so close." This was all the encouragement I needed as I quickly picked up the cadence and began fucking her like I was posessed. Slapping her ass as I rammed my rod into her she let out a yelp and began to squeel in delight of being royally fucked. It wasnt long before I felt the muscles in her pussy tighten around my cock and she was spewing juices all over it and I could feel it run down my balls and legs. 

"Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssss dont stop, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard and long." she begged. I was banging my cock into her hard and fast and I could feel my own orgasm approaching. I told her I was going to cum soon and she said "Not yet, I want an appetizer before dinner."

I pulled out of her and she took my dripping prick in her mouth and began to suck on its full length. Taking my shaft in both hands she pumped it into her mouth and worked her tongue along its length. I grabbed her hair and began pumping into her mouth and within a few minutes I was ready to unload. Sensing I was close, she reached around my ass and dug her nails in and pulled me completely inside her throat. I let out a sexxxx video ful hd roar and filled her mouth with the largest load of cum I have ever given up. She gulped most of it down with only a little leaking out the side of her mouth. After 5 solid squirts, I leaned over and helped her up where I kissed her and licked the rest of my cum off her face.

We held each other close and passionately kissed. I could taste remnants of my cum as my tongue darted in and out of her mouth. I reached down and placed my hand on her slit and could feel her still /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit. I inserted two fingers and began to work them in and out of her in quick short strokes. She started to moan in my ear as I held her close and finger fucked her. It wasnt long before I could feel her getting very moist. I placed my leg between hers and xxx sex video download free com pumped my fingers into her very quickly. Very soon I was rewarded with a long moan and a stream of her cum spraying all over my leg and hand.

After a few minutes, we collected ourselves and had another drink of Merlot. Looking at her I couldnt help but admire her beauty and wondered how I was lucky enough to have her fall in love with me. We both took a mouthfull of wine and holding it in our mouth we placed our lips on each others and let the two samples of wine mix between us. We could tell we were not finished with our lusting just yet.

I lifted her leg and she wrapped it around me. I placed my hands on both her ass cheeks and lifted her. Instinctively she wrapped her other leg around me and I carried her to the dining room table. I rested her ass on the edge and with her legs still around my mid section we explored each others mouth with our tongues. This was getting me excited again and I could feel my rod getting hard between her legs. Bev began to moan as we kissed and I knew she wanted more.

I pushed her back away from me and taking my cock in my hand, I rubbed it up and down her still wet slit. Seeing her swollen clit I slapped the head of my member against it and she yelped with pleasure. She raised her legs and I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her hole and began to ease it in. "Oooooooo God, that feels good." she said as I continued to glide into her. Her head was back and she was just enjoying the pleasuring I was giving her. 

I reached forward and with both hands began to knead her hardened nipples between my thumbs and fingers. Softly at first and then with each stroke of my bone hard cock, I squeezed a bit hardeer and pulled on them. "Yesssssss, Sweetiepie, thats the spot." and I continued to ram my prick deep into her. I looked down and watched as my cock burried deep into her /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole and came out glistening with her juices. I was watching a live exhibition of /jungle/jungle-sex/">jungle sex where we were both the participants and voyuers. It made me so excited and I quickened my pace. I could sense she was close to orgasm and fucked her with renewed enthusiasm. 

She reached forward with one hand and grabbed my arm for support as she squirted her cum all over my cock, balls, the table. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" she screamed. So loud in fact Im sure if anyone was outside next door they would have heard her. 

"Keep fucking me, you monster" she grunted after her /climax/">climax subsided and I didnt need any encouragement as I continued to fill her with my hardness. By now I was so excited I was on my tip toes and holding on to her hips for leverage as I continued to piston into her. I could feel my balls, now damp from her juices, sliding on the table top. She reached down and began to rub her clit and at the same time was squeezing one of my nipples as she encouraged me to fuck her faster and harder.

The table was rocking and starting to move across the floor and I had to take a few steps to keep up with it. "Are you ready for me to fill you with my giz?" I asked between clenched teeth.

"Oh, Sweetiepie, yes fill me up. I want to feel your warm seed pump into me." And with one final thrust of my hips, my cock burried deep into her wet, sopping /hole/love-hole/">love hole and I pumped another torrent of my cum into her. With each squirt, Bev let out a soft "Ooo, Ooo, Ooo..." 

Again we collapsed into each others arms to hold one another up. We were both dizzy from the endorphins spinning in our heads. We continued to kiss and hug and rub each other as our climaxes slowly subsided until I had to pull out of her or fall over. My cock slid out of her steaming cunt covered in a mixture of hers and my juices. 

A large glob of my cum oozed out of her and dripped to the table. Bev jumped off the table and leaned over to suck it up. She then stood in front of me and wrapped her hands around my neck. Pulling me to her she kissed me and the cum moved from her mouth to mine and back to hers.

It was at that point the timer for the roast went off indicating the meat was done...Well Done!!