Can you handle it

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Can you handle it

 Jessica walked into the with her boyfriend, Mark. She was 24 and he was 26. They walked in, and he saw his friends: Mike, Steve, Paul, and Jake. He walked over to them, and they began to talk. Jessica found her friends, Mary and Paula and they started talking.

They did nothing for some time, and Jessica decided to get some fresh air. She walked outside to find Mark and his friends. They were talking, and Jessica walked over and put her arms around Mark.

"Hey," he said.
"Hey," she replied.
"Listen. The guys and I were talking about orgies, when Paul suggested one with you. Whaddya say?"

Jessica was shocked at first, but Mark was always talking about group sex. "Ok," she said.
All five walked into the woods, excited. They went far, and Jessica asked where they were going.
"Not much farther," said Steve. And they walked till they came to a picnic area with tables.

"Here we are," announced Jake. The boys began stripping. Jessica did nothing for a few minutes, so Mark began to strip her. They began kissing and she was pushed to the table, and was laid on her back, still kissing her boyfriend. Mark backed off and Jessica felt a start to fuck her pussy.

A second later, one went up her ass. She screamed. She had never been fucked in both holes at once. Mike appeared on her side, and licked her nipple, and Steve did the same on her other. Paul sat next to her, and spread his legs to expose a throbbing dick. Wordlessly, Jessica took his dick and began to suck on it. With all her holes filled, and both breasts being sucked, she cummed straight away.

She heard Steve moan and felt the dick in her pussy begin to slide out. All boys stopped what they were doing, and began to switch jobs. Mark's 9 inch was up her pussy and her breasts were being sucked immediatly. Another dick was put next to her head, and another dick up her ass. She sucked on the dick, and realized it was the one in her pussy. She sucked hard, and heard all men moaning. She cummed again, and felt an explosion in her . She fell asleep, and woke up a few minutes later.

They had switched places again, but nothing was happening. She then felt real forced anal against her will a cock slide up her pussy. Then she felt another slide up and screamed. They fucked her together and she moaned.

All three cummed xnxxv sunny leone video at the same time, and she felt a tounge on her pussy, licking up all the cum. She sat up and got dressed. She had had enough for today.