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Lisa stepped out of the shower and on to the tile floor. She stood there dripping wet while she caught her breath. A faint pink still flushed her cheeks and her body was still trembling. What an explosive orgasm she thought to herself. She had spent the past thirty minutes tweaking and teasing herself and when she finally came, it was so hard that she had shot globs of come all down her thigh. Instead of just letting the water carry it away she had indulged herself with her own sweetness which got her off so hard she had to frigg her pussy all over again. Just thinking about it made her hot. 

"Well I cant waste any more time." She said out loud. She went in to her room and grabbed a black lacy halter that was just sheer enough and pulled it over her taut titties. The soft fabric had her nipples rising at attention. She then picked out a pair of tight fitting denim jeans and squeezed them over her juicy ass. She paired this with some strappy high heeled sandals and funky jewelry. 

She went back to the bathroom to apply some lipstick and about twenty coats of mascara. When she stepped back to admire herself in the mirror she got a glimpse of the shower and shuddered violently thinking about how she had just taken herself.

"Oh one more time wont hurt," she said to herself as she ran down the hall to her bedroom. She flew across her bed and pulled out her dildo and /vibrator/">vibrator that were hidden on the other side. She licked her lips as she stared at the hugeness of her cocks. She grabbed a huge bottle of lube pulled her jeans down to her knees and shoved the dildo into her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass as far as it would go. She couldnt help but let out a huge moan as the cock filled her to the hilt. She then turned on the vibrator and ground it in and out of her pussy, every once and a while letting it rest on her clit. With one hand she humped her dicks and with the other she squeezed her nipples as hard as she could. Oh the pain was incredibly deliscious. She had gotten herself into a great rhythym and sweat was breaking out all over her body. With her eyes closed and her body writhing she didnt notice that someone had opened the door.

Sam, her female roommate was standing in the doorway watching as Lisas body rose and fell while she was having orgasm after orgasm. After about two minutes Lisa fell still with a look of bliss spread across her face. Sams pussy was burning lava as she gazed at the cocks still jammed into her /friend/best-friend/">best friend. Sam quietly walked over to the bed and sat down beside Lisa. Her eyes flew open and she was about to have a fit but Sam shhhed her by enclosing her mouth over Lisas, taken by suprise Lisa submitted, she had never kissed another girl before and for porn videos download that girl to be her best friend was strange, but it felt soooo good. Sams tongue darted in and out of her mouth and every once and a while she would suckle Lisas lips. 

After about ten minutes of kissing, Sam reached down to Lisas nest and gripped the cock that was still engorged in Lisas now /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. She pulled it out slowly and then rammed it back in twisting it turning it grinding it at full speed. Lisa arched her back and screamed in pleasure. Sam couldnt take it any more she had to have some of what that dildo was getting. She pulled out the cock and slurped it dry. As soon as she had gotten every last dribble of Lisas hot /cum/thick-cum/">thick cum off of the cock she dove down for more. She stuck her tongue in and out and in and out of her writhing /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole and the juices that ran down from her pussy crack she had to have too. 

She didnt want to miss one drop so she ate all the way down to her rosy bud. Sam told Lisa to turn over so she could get a better view of her tantalizing hole. The sight of her full round bottom and tight ass made Sam so horny that she grabbed Lisas used cock and shoved it in her own pussy. With the dick all the xxx way up in side her she got to work eating out Lisas /asshole/">asshole. She fucked her /hard/pussy-hard/">pussy hard with her cock and was coming in no time. WIth the cock all lubed up from her squirting juices she pulled it out and then shoved it in Lisas panting asshole and fucked her hard with it until she begged for her to stop. Sam kept going as she brought her free hand around Lisas fron so that she could squeeze the shit out of her nipples. Lisa was moaning and groaning and bucking like a /bad/bad-boy/">bad boy. Sam traced a line down her stomach to Lisass clit where she pinched and squeezed and rubbed with a fury like no other. Lisa gasped as she was hit with wave after wave of orgasmic release. She yelled out in ecstacey as her body bucked back and forth. She came until she collapsed on the bed and Sam fell on top of her. Sam suckled Lisas titties like a baby as they laid there spent. 

"We have to do that again sometime." Lisa said as she stood up. "But right now I have to go fuck a frat boy or five, /lesbian/hot-lesbians/hot-lesbian-sex/">hot lesbian sex has its kicks but as you know, I like to be full of dicks, Ciao."