I can not belive that she would do that

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I can not belive that she would do that

I had the best marriage I could have ever wanted. My wife and I had a good sex life. I always wanted her to be with other men to spice up our sex life. She always told me that I was all she ever wanted. She would make little jokes about it from time to time, but always reminded me that "It would never happen for real".

I could not understand how she could not want to try this. I was not asking for me to sleep with other the wwwxxx /women/">women, just her sleeping with other men. She kept telling me that it was not what she wanted. So I went on my merry way.

Now my wife has a very god job as a corporate lawyer. It has her staying late very often. So we act like a team and I would get the kids to bed and she could stay late to work on various things. Now I never told you that my wife is smoking hot. She is a /blonde/">blonde with 34dd tits, great legs and ass. When she is dressed in a business suit, I almost shoot my load just from looking at her.

For the last few weeks she has not wanted to have sex to often. It seem that it is only weekends, or when she is with me all day. I started to wonder if she was cheating on me. Now when this thought came into my mind, I was both turned on by the thought of it and upset that she would be cheating. I though to myself, if she is cheating, then why would she have not just said yes to me asking her to fuck other men?

That night I dropped off my kids at my mother in laws house and went to spy on her. I pulled up and saw her car in the lot, and thought to myself "see you have nothing to worry about". I went into the building to say hello. I got to the front that has glass doors and could hear laughing. It was my wife with some guy i never saw before.

She was laughing like a school girl. I had an angle and could see in her office. It looked like she was under him on the desk and her shoes were off. I could not see anything else. I was in shock. I stumbled out to my car and got my kids and went home.

about 9 PM she got home . The kids were asleep, and I was not sure what to do. I asked her how her night was and she said it was productive. I was still not 100% sure of what I saw. I asked if we could have sex, she said no like she had been doing lately. Now I was almost sure that she has been cheating for at least a few weeks. I still was not sure how to handle it. I was very turned on.

I told her that i was not taking no for an answer. She finally agreed. I did not let her take a shower or clean up. I wanted to know for sure what was going on. I love to eat her pussy. It tastes so good, so i went down to see how it tasted. The second my tongue touched her lips I knew she had strange cock in her that day. My cock got immediately rock hard. She started to suck it and moan. She was no getting into the sex.

After a few minutes i turned her over and slide my cock into her. He pussy was so used and loose from her lover fucking her, that I could barley feel myself in her. It seemed to me that every orifice she had was looser then before. Then I started thinking of her fucking the other guy, and I shoot my load into her like never before. We cleaned up and I let it go for the night.

The next day I was told that she again needed to stay late, again I spied on her. This time I could see almost everything. I watched her take her very large probably 9 inches or so like she never took mine. She was almost chocking on it. He rammed his /cock/large-cock/large-thick-cock/">large thick cock into her face. I could here him telling her that she should think of him when fucking me. She agreed.

My wife of 25 years took this man's cock out of her mouth as he said he was about to cum. She jerked him off and he shoot his load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop . She even licked her fingers clean. He then told her to go home and fuck me thinking of him. She again agreed.

*** Part 2

So I drive home as fast as I can so that i have time to get home before she arrives. When she arrives, she looks like she has just been fucked. A look that i had mistaken for just tired from a long day. Now I know what the look really means.

I tell her to fuck me and again she seemed kinda reluctant. I think she felt that she got away with it last time and does not want to get caught. But like the night before she eventually gave in. While we were fooling around i mentioned have her have sex with another man again. Again she told me that I was the only one she needed.

This time is was aware of how much that was a lie and turned to her and said that it would be so hot to watch her fuck a guy at her office. She looked like she was getting uncomfortable with the conversations. She tried to change the subject but I would not let go. We ended up having great sex, but she seemed to be a bit uneasy thinking that I was on to her. But I kept cool and did not let on.

The next few weeks went by quickly and not much was mad of any of that until... It was a Wednesday and she was going to be very late. She said that she was going into the city for wwwxxx a business dinner and might not be home until after 12. I did not believe this for a sec. So I went to her office around 9. I saw her car with 4 others cars. They were all by themselves.

No one else was there. I went to the same glass door in the front of the office and to my /surprise/">surprise it opened. I immediately heard her moaning and slurping. I peeked my head around the corner and saw my wife with 3 men all naked. She was sitting on a guy's cock while his friend's cock was in her mouth and the other was in her hand. None of them saw me. All of them had bigger cocks then me.

I recognized one of the guys as the guy i saw the first night. I have no idea who the others were. I took out my cell phone and started filming her. My cock was so hard i could not control myself. Watching them turn her over and enter all 3 holes at once was more then i could handle. I started stroking my cock until I came on the frame of the doorway.

I thought I was gong to get caught when they heard me and I thought they were going to come out and look for the noise. They never did , instead they all took turns cumming in my wife's mouth. I remember hearing that she needed to swallow all of it so that her husband would not smell it on her.

When she got home that night I had the film playing on the computer. She got mad for watching internet porn, but then I showed her what it was and her JAW Dropped. I told her that now I was going to let her know what guys she could fuck or she could get the fuck out. She has been my slutty little lawyer wife ever since. The adventure continues.