Unforgettale orgasm for first time

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Unforgettale orgasm for first time

Hi friends this is harish. I am submitting my own story which happen one year ago. After my exams i got my summer vacation leaves. I dont what to do and how to spend time without meeting my gf for two months. In holidays i was spending all my time by watching /movies/porn-movies/">porn movies and masturbating but not satisfied with that. One day i thought to do sex with any prostitute but i not did that because of i don't have that much dare to call prostitutes. Because fearing of hiv. I called my gf and said her i want to meet you once. She agreed for that and said i will meet you whenever you tell me. I was waiting to meet her desperately. I got chance to meet her one day.

That day my parents went to some friends /daughter/">daughter marriage. I called my gf and said directly you come to my house today night. And agreed and said she will come at 9pm night. But i dono what to do lonely upto 9pm but i watched porn movies and masturbated two times. Than evening i went for a walk and came back house with moods pack. And than i had my dinner and took bath and i was waiting for her to come. I already decorated the room with flowers and sprayed the room freshner to my room. Its become 9:30 pm but she not came. I called her and she told she is on the way. I was very happy and i was watching tv.

Suddenly door knocked by someone i know that is my gf. I went and opened the door and i sawed a angel that she my gf. She was wearing and red saree and black blouse. I invited her to inside and took her to hall and told her sit and offered some coffee. She drank coffee and i told her. Darling you looking like a angel. For that she smiled with shy. I hold her hand i took and went her to my room and closed the door. Than i hugged her from backside and kissed on her neck. It was superb smell from her. Than i put my hand on her boobs from backside and pressed that it was too soft. My penis was already erected by touching her back.

I pushed her on bed and i removed my shirt and and phant and i was only in my /underwear/">underwear. Than i removed her saree and thrown from that site and i slept on her. I started to kiss on her lips she was enjoying my kiss. After kissing for 5 minutes. I went near petti coat and removed that and also i removed her blouse and throwed away. She was wearing a black bra with was tight for her. Her boobs were superb it is almost 36 size boobs. I grabbed in my hand and pressed hard over bra. She started moan hmmm ah ah ss hmmm. Slowly i unhooked her bra and removed completely.

Now its looking like big melons and asking to suck and fuck it. I grabbed her right boob in one hand. And started to suck other boob it was amazing experience for me. Than she was only in her panty. I went near her panty and pressed her pussy over her panty. And i smelled that it was smelling superb. I put my one finger in her pussy it was fully hairy. I was excited to see her /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy and removed her panty it was an amazing pussy with pink colour. I started to suck that hairs and licked her pussy she was moaning like anything hmmm hmmm fuk fuk me oz oz s. After licking her pussy for 10 minutes. I went upward near her milf porn videos boobs and removed my chaddi it was monster cook came outside.

I kept my cook in centre of her boobs and fucked that until i come and i spread my sperm all over boobs. And she took my cook and sucked my juice and gave me a nice blowjob. Than i made her sleep on bed and i told her to spread her legs widely. She spread her legs widely than i took my cook and kept near her pussy gave and gave small jerk but it not went. It was too tight. Than i put my fingers and fucked really hard. Than again i took my cook and jerked this time it went little bit inside her. After i gave some 10 strokes now it fully went deep in her. She was screaming like anything. Than i put my mouth to her mouth and stopped her screaming.

And started to fuck slowly it was amazing to fuck her. She was moaning slowly like hmmm ha ha ha ha ha ha hoo u s u and i started to fuck her fast for 10 minutes. I was about to come and i said her i will cum you inside she said yessssssss cummm. My juices came and went inside her pussy. And slowly removed my cook and again i fucked her in blowjob porn videos doggy style and again cumed in her pussy. That night i fucked her untill 4am morning and after that we took bath and i fucked her in bathroom again. And at 8am she went to her house back. This was my real story. I think you all have enjoyed it. Any girls in bangalore want to get fucked with me. Mail me at harishbharadwaj1 at gmail at com thank you guys