Church parking lot for a hot reunion

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Church parking lot for a hot reunion

It had been a long time since my wife and I really let go of our responsibilities and taken a little time to go /crazy/">crazy on each other. But it finally happened the other night . We met on the parking lot of the church late at night to talk and it happened, the hottest, craziest sex we have ever had. Before we get into the story I will tell you a little about us. I am a 35 yr old firefighter that is five eleven , one eighty , sandy /blonde/">blonde hair, blue eyes , nice tan skin with a decent seven under my belt. My wife on the other hand is just amazingly hot. She is 34 , 170 , five seven black hair and tan skin, 36 GG breasts and a /sweet/">sweet shaved pussy.

Yes I said GG breasts , not hangers at all, they are just amazingly hot on her. Guys barely ever see her smile because of her amazing rack. Most /women/">women u catch checking out her beautiful breasts and not looking at her. But on to the story. We had been have just normal get it over with sex for a long time with kids and work. Both of us have had this energy brewing inside of us for a long time. It was late she had been out with her girlfriends having a couple beers and text me and asked if I wanted to come fuck her. I was just relaxing sitting by a lake by myself so I was like Hell yea.

 We can't go to the house or we would have the kids all running in our bedroom like normal. I told my wife to meet me in the church parking lit where she works and we would go from there. I jumped in my truck and drove like crazy to get there , just thinking about licking my wife /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy drives me insane. She got there before me and was waiting as I pulled up. I had not seen what she sent out in that night and I was shocked. She had on her ass hugged jeans that makes u just want to grab that ass and not let go. She had on high heels and a top that only covered one shoulder and just made her breasts jump out at u and make u wanna bury your face between them.

She was looked amazing. Here I was in a pair of docked shorts and no shirt to show off my tan and two tats. She jumped in the truck and we talked for a little bit , but the while time I couldn't help but think about jumping her the minute she got in the truck. finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I think she knew it. I leaned over the seat in a quick motion grabbed her breast and started kissing her deeply. I kept massaging her breasts as we kissed like we hadn't seen each other in months. She reached over and started rubbing my semi hard cock through my shorts. She got me hard almost instantly and she could feel my excitement. I started kissing down her neck and unclasped her bra to let my hot GG breasts free for me to feel. I raised her shirt and bra over her breasts and started licking and sucking in her nipples. After a little bit of thus she said she wanted me.

We shed our clothes in a matter of seconds and after I peeled off my boxers and released my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock I look over and see her laying against the door with her sweet shaven pussy facing me. I immediately dove down into her sweet tight pussy and drove my tongue into her pussy. Tasting her sweet juices and then running my tongue up around her clit. I kept running my tongue between her clit and pussy. She was moaning louder and louder. I raised up and kissed her deeply letting her taste her sweet juices on my tongue as it danced in her mouth. Then dove back into her sweet pussy. Her pussy was addicting, her taste and her reactions were driving me wild. Finally she said she needed to feel my cock in her pussy. I raised up and moved up her body kissing her breasts as I worked my way to her sweet lips and started kissing her again as I moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy.

My cock was resting at the entrance of her pussy, then she told me again that she needed to feel my cock and I pushed it into her pussy as far as I could. To feel my /cock/cock-balls/">cock balls deep into her tight /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy was amazig. I didn't want to move , I wanted to enjoy the feelibg. She sighed deeply as felt felt my cock deep inside her. I slowly started /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-my-pussy/">fucking my pussy and her body was reacting to every stroke of my cock. I ducked my pussy til she was just about to cum on my cock and I knew I had to taste her as she came. I slid my cock out and buried my face deep into her wet well fuxkin pussy and started running my tongue along her sweet clit. She was so hot and turned on that it didn't take long and her pussy was giving me what I wanted. She came so hard she old waman xxxgx was screaming I am cumming over and over. When I heard this I drove my tongue deep into her pussy to lick every drop of her sweet juices up.

I had never seen her cum so hard. After she came I raised up and kissed her deeply. Letting her taste her juices on my face. I wanted my cock in her mouth but I wanted to eat that sweet pussy some more so I moved over her 69 and offered her my cock as I dove deep into her pussy. I was in heaven tasting that sweet pussy and she was worshiping my cock taking it deep into her mouth and running her tongue around the head of my cock. I thought I was gonna cum down her throat a few times but I held back. I wanted to /fucking/pussy-fucking/fuck-that-pussy/">fuck that pussy again. I finally took my cock away from her and climbed back on top of her and slid my cock back into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet I slid back into her warm slit easily. I funded her nice and easy for a lil bit and just as I felt like u may cum I pulled my cock from her pussy and buried my face back into that sweet pussy. I did this a few times .

Fuck her with my cock then bury my face back into her to taste those juices once again. Finally I was so close to summing j had to slow down a little. So the last time I dove down into that pussy I spent a lot of time licking that clit while sliding one finger in her pussy and rubbing her /asshole/">asshole with another finger. Enough of her juices had ran down onto her asshole that it was really wet. I slowly slid one finger into her ass and started fingering her pussy and ass at bokep sma pecah perawan the same time while running my tongue back and forth against her clit. This was driving her crazy , she was getting so loud. We had never done this before but she was getting so into it. I removed my fingers from her and started to just rub her clit as my tongue starting licking around her asshole . She starting to just go nuts. I continued my tongue assault on her ass while I continued to rub that clitfaster.

After just a few minutes of this she couldn't take it and came again harder than before. I licked her pussy clean and my cock had finally calmed down. I was ready to really fuck my pussy. I climbed back on top of her and just drove my cock balls deep into her pussy. After her cummin twice already her body was so sensitive , she was getting so loud with every deep fast stroke into her pussy I thought she would go nuts. I continues to fuck her slowing down justvfor a moment, then fast and hard again like I needed to show her who's pussy it was. Finally I was /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy so hard I was dripping sweat onto her body.

The whole time I was fucking her I was grabbing her beautiful breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers til she came again with out warning . Her pussy grabbed my cock like it was in a vise. Then feeling of her pussy grabbing my cock like that drove me over the edge. I finally drove my cock deep into her and came so hard my body was shaking. After I stopped shaking from cummin so hard I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her pussy for just a little bit . We were both breathing so hard. She go.ally said I wanna suck our juices off your cock. So I offered her my cock and she licked my cock from its head all the way down to my balls .

The feeling was amazing. After she had my cock all clean I collapsed in top of her. We layer there kissing . That is how we got a lil spark back. Fucking like animals in a church parking lot.