Nursing Can Be Fun 3

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Nursing Can Be Fun 3

Well, my /girlfriend/">girlfriend and I finally had a chance to try our ?nursing? pleasure again. Actually, we?ve done it twice now since I posted it here, three times in all. The second time was very good, but was pretty much like the /first-time/">first time we did it together, that I posted here.

But, the next, or last, time was something else ? wow! It started out like before, she was visiting me one morning and again watched me breast-feed my /son/">son. It?s funny, but now when she?s watching me it makes it a much more /sensual/">sensual/sexual experience.

When I took my breast out, I watched her watching me take it out and massage it in place for him, and got my nipple ready for him to suck. When he took my nipple in his mouth and began to suck it, she let out
a moan and squeezed her legs together. A slight shiver indian santali xvideo ran through my body in response. As he got his meal, as usual, he insisted on me taking out my other breast for him to play with, and as always that nipple responded by getting hard and pouty as well. My friend really seemed to enjoy the little show, and I admit I enjoyed her watching. When he finished, he said thanks, and went to alain lyle porn the den to watch cartoons.

As soon as he left the room, she got up and came and sat by me on the sofa. Without a word, she quickly grabbed both my breasts in her hands and started vigorously massaging and squeezing them. She said, ?It was killing me to watch your tits get sucked, when I wanted to suck them so /bad/">bad. Now I?ve got to have them.?

With that she eagerly took one of my hard extended nipples in her mouth and began to suck it very hard. So hard it hurt and felt good at the same time. It was almost like she was eating it, as she tried to get as much of my tit in her mouth as she could. She sucked so hard I could feel my milk just squirting into her mouth. She was so enthusiastic in her sucking my one breast while massaging my other breast and squeezing its nipple, that I had an orgasm fairly quickly.

Well, she didn?t even slow down and kept right on sucking and nursing. I relaxed a bit after my orgasm and laid back and closed my eyes to just continue enjoying the feeling, which was wonderful.

Soon I could feel another orgasm starting to slowly build. I think the room may have been spinning. I only vaguely was aware that she had reached under my skirt and was massaging my pussy while she continued to suckle my breast. It all felt so great!

She continued sucking my breast, but slowly put two of her fingers inside me and moved them around. Needless to say, I was soaking wet in my pussy, and couldn?t help but move my pussy in response to her fingers. Soon I was humping her fingers like I was in heat as she moved her fingers to my clit.

At that point I lost complete control and started the most awesome multiple orgasm of my entire life. It went on and on, wave after wave, and ended in a great crescendo! I went limp and exhausted ? but completed satisfied. She released my nipple from her mouth and gave me a knowing smile, while she still had her fingers inside me. She slowly removed her fingers and put them to her mouth and
licked them very sensually. My pussy juice was now actually running down my leg

I must have made a lot of noise during my last orgasm, because now my son came in the room to see what was happening. He didn?t see anything, but wanted me to come pay attention to him. My /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend said, ?Go ahead, but remember you owe me next time.? I told her I was sorry we had to stop, but she said she had enjoyed it almost as much as I obviously did.

That experience was so good, I can?t wait to do it again, even though I?m not sure I can do the same for her, but I?ll try.

And if we do, I?ll share it with yall.