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I am a man of man of many flaws, but I am unafraid to face those flaws head on. Dishonesty, ego, pride, bias, and bigotry are my enemies. Yet I recognize all of those live inside of me. I am a warrior. I will not tolerate hatred and mistreatment of others just for being different. I stand for what I believe in, come to the aid of others, and will not allow those who live a life of hate...

September Reading Romp


September was an unusually weird month of reading for me. I crammed a ton in at the beginning of the month, didn’t get much done in the middle, and then got back to it towards the end. Much of the reason why was I spent some time in Austin at an event called Man Camp, run by my good friends and mentors, John Romaniello and David Dellanave, which wound up being one of the best weekends of my...

August Reading Romp


Your boy got a ton of reading done during the month of August. A fair mix of heavy reading, some introspective shit, and just good fiction. Oh, and some Hemingway. Always some Hemingway. Here’s the August Reading Romp.

July Reading Romp


July wasn’t the prolific month of reading that June was, partly because I didn’t travel as much, which removed a lot of down time. However, I still got quite a few great books in that I’m excited to share with you guys. Here is the July Reading Romp.

June Reading Romp


Howdy, my lovely bibliophiles. It’s been a good bit since we’ve bonded over some books, but luckily I’m making up for the absence with a massive reading romp today. June was a month of heavy travel for me, which also meant I was able to get a ridiculous amount of reading done. I won’t bother you with more mundane details, so instead, let’s get to the books.

April Reading Romp


April was a solid month of reading. It was no different from other months in that I was all over the map as far as topic and author are concerned, but that’s my style. I typically don’t like digging hard into one topic or author for an extended period of time, because it’s easy for me to get burnt out. There’s a decent smattering of fiction, personal development, and even...

The Doves Are Crying – An Ode To Prince


When I was growing up I played every single sport imaginable. Football, baseball, basketball, you name it and I played it. That was the way of life in a small Texas town. Our talent pool wasn’t deep enough to allow you to specialize in one sport, so if you played one, you played them all.

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Yo, I'm Tanner. I'm a Texan marooned on the Island of Manhattan, reader, history nerd, and rom com afficianado.
I like to talk about fitness, history, pop culture, and just about anything else under the sun. If you're here, hopefull you do as well.

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